Siedon Technologies

Glass Bottle Crusher Manufacturer

Supplies glass bottle and plastic bottle crusher machine, by reducing th size of glass, you can easily to recycle.

glass bottle crusher

Household glass bottle crusher GB101

glass bottle crusher will crush waste glass like beer bottle, wine bottle to 10-20 mm pieces, thus save storage space as well as the costs of collection/transportation.  Suit for restaurant, hotel, bar, supermarket…

glass bottle crusher

Industrial Glass Bottle Crusher GB103

Glass Bottle Shredder is special designed for shredding glass bottle, which can reduce the volume of glass bottles by 75%, thus greatly saving storage space. Our glass bottle Shredder is widely used in bars, restaurants, hotels, kitchens and supermarkets, on the ship/boat and other offshore installations and marine situation.

Plastic Bottle Crushing Machine SB103

Plastic Bottle Crusher Machine is specially designed for shredding plastic bottles, soft drinks PET bottles, HDPE lubricating oil bottles as well as metal beverage cans. It is low power consumption, portable and requires few maintenance. We adopt CrNiMo wear resistance alloy for the crusher knives to ensure long service life.