Small trash shredder for glass bottle

The small trash shredder shreds and destroys all hospital, industry, government, organization, corporate and private company waste, ensuring complete protection of these hospital waste treatment items from infection and the release of government, organization, corporate and private company waste treatment documents and materials. We also develop and manufacture custom small waste shredders for glass/paper/plastic/household waste. The price of this small shredder is also very economical.

For the convenience of our customers, we are offering small trash shredder machines in various features and capacities, depending upon the type of material to be shred, like marine waste, glass bottle, phone waste.

small trash shredder
Model TS3030

Features of small trash shredder for glass bottle:

• Durable
• Standard structure
• Maintenance free
• Suitable for small, large and heavy rolls
• Quality and cost effective
• Easy to move from place to place (with wheels)
• Trouble-free operation and maintenance
• 100% work safety, all electrical and operational safety measures

Application material like:

• Waste sharps such as needles, syringes, scalpel blades, vials.
• Discarded medicines
• Cotton bandages, soiled plaster casts, etc.
• Catheters, catheters, IV sets, etc.
• Office documents, reports, X-rays, cardboard, etc.
• Plastic container, glass bottle, wine/beer bottle
• Hats, masks, gloves, etc.

All of our trash shredder have passed rigorous air quality testing for health and environmental safety. Siedon Technology provides recycling equipment like trash shredder, Styrofoam compactor, waste baling press, all machine with CE certificate and a one-year warranty.

small trash shredder for glass bottle
Model GB103
marine waste crusher
Model SR30