Marine Garbage Crusher

Garbage can be seen everywhere, such as garbage in scenic parks, garbage in restaurants, and all kinds of garbage in personal life and households. Marine garbage is also a very common type of domestic garbage. It is mainly produced by the crew of the ship. A large amount of catering waste and domestic waste are generated, so how to dispose of these wastes? Marine garbage crushers can tell you the answer.

First popularize what is domestic waste? The garbage generated in life is domestic garbage, because diet will produce a lot of waste, how to deal with these wastes, we need to think about it. Although China is not so harsh, it does not have strict regulations, so the disposal of waste is still much different from other countries. Therefore, it is necessary for each of us to have environmental awareness in order to fundamentally protect the environment. Next, let’s take a look at the powerful functions of the Siedon Marine Garbage Crusher to deal with marine waste.

Marine garbage crusher SR30 is a crusher specially designed for marine use. The food waste that can be processed by the marine garbage shredder can be divided into three categories: one is the food processing industry, the other is the catering waste generated by hotels, restaurants, and large canteens, and the other is household kitchen waste, which really solves the problem of marine waste. Abandoned garbage from the daily life of the crew.

The marine crusher is a garbage crusher driven by a 3KW motor. Its technology is based on the principle of low speed, high torque, rotary shear, with a very powerful cutting system. Therefore, its crushing application is very wide, in addition to domestic waste, kitchen waste, other cardboard, cartons, waste paper, newspapers, plastic bottles, iron cans can also be processed.

marine garbage crusher

Marine garbage crusher SR30 mainly characteristics:

1. The equipment is compact in design and occupies a small area, and customers can configure garbage bins to place them.
2. The inner hole of the blade and the main shaft surface are all designed with hexagonal to realize the uniformity of the force of the blade
3. Bearing four-axis seal, effective waterproof and dustproof
4. Non-mesh control of discharge size to improve crushing efficiency
5. Siemens/Schneider PLC motor current, overload protection device to protect the motor

Technical Data:

Motor Power3kW
Feeding Open(mm)300*300
Machine Size(mm)1020*890*1820
Machine Weight(kg)350
Knife Thickness (mm)12
NO. of Knives (pcs)24
Output Size(mm)≤25
Capacity (kg/h)200