Glass To Sand Glass Bottle Crusher

Empty glass bottles consist primarily of air, so the reception venue is primarily paid to remove the air from its premises, not the actual glass. Empty bottles take up space, which means that sites either collect a large number of bins each week or, if space is limited, collect fewer bins more frequently. It’s expensive both ways.

The Glass Bottle Crusher is a small-pack, powerful crusher that breaks waste glass bottles safely into sand. It is perfect for recycling centers, restaurants, bottling plants, cafeterias, and institutions. Glass Gator safely recycles glass and saves time, space, money and labor costs. With a 4 to 1 reduction, users have greatly reduced their disposal costs and removal fees.

glass bottle crusher
glass bottle crusher

Features of China Glass Bottle Crusher:

  • Safe and easy to use.
  • Noise less than 80 decibels.
  • Rated capacity of 500 glass bottles per hour.
  • CE and European standard, ISO9001 standard.
  • The rotating steel crushing drum and breaker plate design produces a uniform cullet size acceptable to the recycling industry.
  • A compact glass breaker in a simple low cost design.
  • The Model GB101 is the ideal hand-fed glass breaker for small recycling and business applications.
  • Built with the same tried and tested design as the large glass crusher, it is rugged and will run for years.
  • The GB Crusher requires minimal maintenance with a reputation in the recycling industry as a glass crusher built to last.

GB101 Model machine design to suit every environment and volume of glass. From compact machines that can be positioned behind the bar to machines capable of processing full bins.

We currently supply Bottle Crusher machines to bars, restaurants, nightclubs, convention centres, marine vessels, canteens, mine-sites and casinos in China and overseas.

Video of Model GB101: