Glass Shredding Machine

The GB101 galss shredding machine facilitates the heavy handling and collection of empty bottles and other glass containers by grinding them into small particles such as gravel and sand. Many kitchens, bars and galleys experience problems with large volumes of empty bottles taking up valuable space and time consuming, expensive collection. Cutting the initial volume by as much as 80% means a significant reduction of storage space and less frequent collections.

glass shredding machine
glass bottle shredder

Features of Glass Shredding Machine GB101:

The grinding unit is mounted in a stainless steel 304 cabinet, complying with the requirements for hygiene in kitchen areas. The long life expectancy and operational reliability are due to the choice of high-quality components: grinder of specially alloyed steel , motor of protection class IP55, unique and well-proven sealing design between grinder and motor to name a few.

The ground particles have no sharp edges and are collected in a plastic bag in front of the crusher under the inlet tube. Bottles are fed one by one continuously; any number of bottles can be ground as long as the collection bag is replaced when filled. With a motor power of 1.1kW the machine handles approximately 10-15 bottles per minute, depending upon size.

An automatic dust collector collects all glass dust that may result when grinding.

Glass shredding machine GB101 is easy to install and delivered ready for connection to existing incoming electricity. Its flexibility also allows for installation on a lower floor level, close to the point of waste collection area, and fed with empty bottles by a tube from the bar, kitchen or galley above.

Technical parameter of Glass Shredding Machine GB101

Motor Power1.1kW/1.5Hp
Feeding Open(mm)150*150
Machine Size(mm)800*1000*1743
Machine Weight(kg)140
Volume Reduction≥75%
Shaft Speed(rpm)1400
Output Size(mm)≤15
Capacity (pcs/min)*310