Glass crusher is a kind of equipment specially designed for the disposal of waste glass bottles. With the global awareness of environmental protection, the recycling of waste glass bottles is becoming more and more important. The traditional disposal method of waste glass bottles is usually to send them to landfills, which not only wastes resources, but also pollutes the environment.

Glass crusher converts waste glass bottles into reusable glass particles by crushing and compressing them. These glass particles can be used again to make new glass products, such as glass bottles, glass containers and building materials. Using glass bottle crusher to dispose of waste glass bottles can not only reduce the amount of waste, but also save energy and raw materials, and reduce environmental pollution.

The size of these particles can be adjusted according to the screen to meet different application requirements. The glass bottle crusher works by breaking glass bottles into small pieces with a high-speed rotating hammer knife. The glass bottle crusher has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.

BUT what are the benefits of using a glass crusher?


Many pubs today like to recycle the many empty glass bottles that they go through, however, this can sometimes be quite a chore, especially on busy weekends when the bottles can stack up and take up vital space both behind the bar and in storage spaces. The Glass Crush can reduce bottles to 80 per cent of their size meaning they take up much less space and there also the added bonus that they are collected for you.


As mentioned above, the Glass Crush makes it easier for pubs to recycle and if owners know that someone is coming to pick up the bottles then they are less likely to throw some away in the normal bin. There is also the additional environmental benefit that because the glass is compacted more can be picked up at once, meaning that less refuse vehicles need sending out and therefore less fuel is used.


Dealing with glass bottles, especially smashed and chipped ones, can be dangerous, however using the Glass Crush minimises the amount that the bottles are actually being handled as they do not need to be sorted or cleaned beforehand.

Save Cost

Many companies may be concerned that the benefits of the Glass Crush means that it will be costly, however, it is actually cheaper than you would think. Its crushing knives are wear-resistant and durable.

Video of glass crusher: