Glass Bottle Crusher for a Bar

glass bottle crusher for a bar

We are a supplier of glass bottle crushers which are used by bars, restaurants, taverns, nightclubs, and any other facilities which have to dispose of empty bottles. With the use of our bottle crusher, your bottle storage volume will go down by 80%. Depending on the model that you purchase, you can store several cases of crushed bottles in one container. The model shown to the right is the Glasshopper Glass Bottle Crusher™ .

Using The Glass Bottle Crusher at Your Bar The glass bottle crusher quietly reduces the volume of your empty bottles by crushing them into tiny pieces which can then be hauled away by a recycling company. Using the crusher, you’ll also reduce the amount of accidents that can occur when empty bottles accidently break and cut your staff. You will also reduce the amount of noise complaints from local residents who often times have to hear the continuous clinking of empty bottles as they are stacked outside.

With a use of this  Glass Bottle Crusher , your staff can stay behind the bar serving drinks rather than taking empty bottles back to the storeroom. 5 Benefits to Your Bar You will be able to create more space which was originally being used for empty bottle storage. You will be able to eliminate the need for multiple empty bottle bins which are located under the bar. This frees up space for more important items that you can use to serve your customers.

You will free up more time for your workers as they will not have to run empty bottles all the way outside. This will free them up to do more profitable activities such as serving customers and keeping your establishment running smoothly.

You will not only be able to crush beer bottles, but you will also be able to crush wine bottles, liquor bottles, and even champagne bottles. You will be able to reduce the overall flow of your collection frequency.

The service that currently picks up your empty glass bottles will only need to visit you half as often as they do now. Additional Information We hope you enjoyed this week’s blog posting about the glass bottle crushers for bars.

Based on all of the tips and recommendations that we listed above, we think that the glass bottle crusher will help your bar by drastically reducing your expenses and provide a safer working environment.

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Maine glass bottle crusher GB101
Maine glass bottle crusher GB101